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UEW MPhil Clothing & Textiles Admission Requirements 2024/2025-See now

The University of Education, Winneba (UEW), presents aspiring students with an exciting opportunity to pursue the MPhil Clothing & Textiles program for the academic year 2024/2025. As you consider shaping your future in the vibrant field of fashion, understanding the admission requirements is crucial.

UEW MPhil Clothing & Textiles Admission Requirements 2024/2025-See now

Academic Excellence

UEW places a strong emphasis on academic excellence, and this is reflected in the admission requirements for the MPhil Clothing & Textiles program. This ensures that students entering the program have a strong educational foundation, setting the stage for success in the dynamic field of fashion.

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Candidate must possess a Master of Education/Master of Arts/Master of Science, with GPA of not less than 3.0, in the relevant field of study from any university recognized by GTEC.

NB: Departmental/Programme specific requirements may apply.

Passion for Fashion

Beyond academic qualifications, UEW seeks individuals with a genuine passion for fashion and textiles. The MPhil Clothing & Textiles program is designed for those who aspire to make a mark in the world of design, apparel, and textiles. A personal affinity for the subject matter is a key factor in the selection process.

Careers in Clothing and Textiles

Fashion Design: Crafting Trends and Styles

At the heart of the industry lies the captivating world of fashion design. Fashion designers are the visionaries who conceptualize and create clothing and accessory lines.

UEW MPhil Clothing & Textiles Admission Requirements 2024/2025-See now
UEW MPhil Clothing & Textiles Admission Requirements 2024/2025-See now

Textile Design: Weaving Artistry into Fabrics
Textile designers are the artists who transform threads into masterpieces. They focus on creating unique patterns, prints, and textures that become the fabric of our everyday lives.

Global Sourcing: Connecting the Threads Worldwide
In the era of globalization, professionals in global sourcing play a vital role. They navigate the complex web of international markets, ensuring the sourcing of materials and products efficiently.

Textile Industry: A Hub of Varied Careers
The textile industry, a vast landscape, offers an array of careers. From production managers to quality control specialists, careers in the textile industry are as diverse as the fabrics they produce. These roles contribute to the efficiency and quality of textile manufacturing.

Academic and Research Roles: Shaping Future Professionals
For those inclined towards academia, careers in clothing and textiles also extend to teaching and research. Academic institutions and research organizations provide platforms for individuals to contribute to the knowledge and development of the industry.


The UEW MPhil Clothing & Textiles Admission Requirements for 2024/2025 embody a commitment to nurturing individuals with a passion for fashion into skilled professionals. If you’re ready to embark on a journey where creativity meets academic rigor, UEW is the gateway to your future in the dynamic world of Clothing & Textiles.


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